I decided my defence wasnt good enough and I’d like to get hit as little as possible so asked my trainer to tailor a few sessions this way. This meant lots of rounds just defending – slipping, catching punches, blocking, moving etc – as well as many drills. The rounds vary between not being allowed to move off the spot whilst getting jabbed and being allowed to move.. but not throw any punches back.
Not moving off the spot means keeping the front foot (the left) on the same spot and pivoting off it moving the right foot to the left or right, ducking, slipping, blocking and generally squirming to avoid being hit or at least making sure your guard is tight so when you do get hit its not too bad. I can see some shots coming but not all so slipping/blocking is the only option.
Being allowed to move is more frustrating because you can at least get in good positions/avoid too many few punches/keep the feet loose but you still cant throw anything back. This one drives me nuts! The rare time I can see space for a shot I’m not allowed to take it.
Of course the fact you know if you leave your guard you’ll get hit means slipping/catching tends to take a back seat to blocking or moving out of the way. This means progress can be stunted as you’ll spend more time worrying that if the slip/catch is incorrect you’re open rather than executing the move correctly. I decided I was just going to have to go for the technique first and foremost and accept I’ll get hit until I have improved. Yeh, will let you know how this one goes!
Overall its great for discipline/fearing getting hit and I’m learning but man, its frustrating.



So one of the things they don’t tell you about boxing is the constant ache and pain – and I don’t necessarily mean an aching nose after you‘ve blocked a firm right with it, but the general all-over-ache the days after the work out.
I’d been doing pilates to make sure I was stretching correctly and building strength in my core – even though my trainer reckons I’m still weak and uncontrolled there, which compared to him I am – but also to stop the back problems getting worse and so far it has worked. However I now have constant aches in my back and tight left quad/calf/hamstrings as well as tight left glute. I’m in my 40s so its probably more pronounced even though I have a reasonable level of fitness/mobility. When I walk back from the gym on a Sunday morning I can feel my whole body pulling to the left due to the time spent in the same position whilst working the heavy bag. I have to stretch all the major muscles every day and get a regular massage.
I have considered stopping due to the aches and all round pain-in-the-ass (literally) nature of the body problems but… once you’re in full flow moving around, sparring or on the bag and “in the zone” everything else disappears and the mind refreshes. Plus its fun. I guess I’ll push on until it becomes unbearable.

Speaking of the heavy bag.. last week I was working with it and a large, built guy comes over asking how long I’ll be

“About 20 minutes”
“Ok, I’ll use the other one”

He goes up to the free-standing punch bag and puts his gloves on. Does some stretching. Moves around a bit then steps in and WHACKS it, knocking it over with one hard right. I’ve had it rocking but not knocked it down in one. Imagine taking a punch on the nose from that guy.