So it happened. Not that much of a surprise considering my age and how physically demanding boxing is but I’ve injured my back and now have 6 weeks out. My posture was too tight, left shoulder too high, my left side was leaning forward (due to leading with the left, hundreds of jabs) and stretching the left side of my back – specifically the mid-area – which then pulled on the lower part of my back above the pelvis. I was aware my posture wasn’t loose enough and (conversely) I wasn’t keeping compact enough in the right areas but adding this onto coordination, balance, footwork, guard, movement etc was hard work even though I spent time trying to correct it.

I actually “did” the injury whilst stepping down off a chair after changing a lightbulb but the origins have been around for a while… on the train to Barcelona last year I picked up some heavy luggage and turned my torso to move it which stressed my lower back causing the initial lower back injury – very painful! After, I’d had treatment but not given myself enough rest time and just carried on my usual exercise, which considering I’m a massage therapist and work with sports injuries, was stupid of me.

The plus side is now some actual rest (with lots of stretching the right areas) and time away so my brain can process what I’ve learnt. The last session on my own was a struggle as I kept repeating the same patterns (jab, upper cut, always looking for the left hook) and was getting tired quickly so hopefully I can re-think things and watch some videos of the old greats to get some tips.
Missing it already.