I’m getting the importance of the jab now and the left in general.. and I don’t just mean as a punch. Using the heavy bag or sparring really brings home how the left is the main weapon. Moving around your opponent means judging the distance correctly and when to attack, which is what fighters spend the first few minutes of the bout doing – testing each other. The left will help with this if you keep putting it out there, finding your range and keep your opponent working.

Obviously a tight jab is a good punch but the left is also the first line of defence, blocking or parrying punches. It can hook, upper cut and double jab, can strip the opponents arm away from their ribs or head and allow a quick blow plus it can also set up the straight right or other combinations.

On Saturday I was using it for defence and then counter-attack. Simple drills such as a quick jab then moving the head down and gloves up to the face (keeping the elbows close together to stop an upper cut) to block a punch. To simulate the punch I stepped into the bag –not exactly head-butting it but moving in quickly so it struck me – then stepped back and throw a double jab before blocking again then stepping to the right and throwing a combination jab then right. There are variations on this such as dropping left after the block then hooking or upper-cutting or whatever feels good. This takes coordination so I was all over the place by the 7th or 8th time in a row but with practice can be done without thought. It’s a good way to get used to taking the blows, stop shutting the eyes and keep breathing and moving.