typing and making fists don’t mix

typing and making fists don’t mix
can feel every milimetre between the bones in my hands
and knuckles feel
forced apart

body feels comfortable in position
stood up framed
like that position was in the womb
not slack on a chair before
a desk

couldn’t get flow as hungover, physically yes
mentally no
ideas not there
close-in missing punches

no real connection
or art

frustration sets in and/as more punches miss
i realise I’ve never been angry or lost
my temper
on the bag before

and it doesn’t

hard right

50 x right hard to get each one in line
repetition and practice
hard right
hard right
left hook quick right step back

started slowly moving feet again
slow dance 2am
hard right hard hook hard jab
quicken pace
hard line depth
position torque torso smooth

start again with slipping
can last longer in rounds and

fitness improving

hungover ragged and busy gym

hungover ragged and busy gym
personal trainers and their students
either side of me
with their
vigorous cardio-techniques
my concentration goes

working the bag is a different discipline
different movement
keep resorting to hook
more slow dancing
notice the distance and judgement/range
dictates the feet
the eye a little slow

fists meet bag
too early
too late
weak jab
follow the bag

footwork in front of mirror
looks wrong
lead foot leads not crossing
two weeks off and two steps back

a cool swim afterwards finishes me off
and I feel my arms

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